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Creating Magnetic Connections for Business Growth 🧲✨

In a world where authenticity and connection are very much desired, Heart-Powered Marketing provides a refreshing approach to growing a business. By embracing your story, living your values and leveraging the power of your heart, you can create a magnetic presence that attracts your ideal clients. 

🌟 Compelling Introductions that Spark Curiosity 🌟

One powerful tool that every heart-centered entrepreneur should have in their arsenal is a super simple introduction pitch. This introduction statement should piques curiosity and invite others to dive deeper into what you offer your world.

Heart-Powered Marketing 101 💖

As entrepreneurs, we are sold a lot of magic unicorn marketing solutions. But marketing isn’t one-size fits all. There is no one right solution for marketing and growing a business. Every business is unique. And the only right way to market your business is through building authentic relationships that provide value for everyone involved.

Simplify Marketing with ChatGPT: A Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs

In this blog post, we'll explore how you can leverage ChatGPT to simplify your marketing execution and grow your business with heart.

Designing Your Life Around Your Values

Fulfillment and happiness comes from designing a life that aligns with your values, aspirations and unique gifts. But how do you know what your values are? And how do you incorporate them into your life? Here are some simple exercises to get you started on your path toward value alignment and happiness. 

Why Normalizing Hate Is Anti-Happiness and How We Can Choose Differently

To be truly happy as individuals and as a society, we must reject hate and embrace The Eight Pillars of Happiness. This requires us to dig deeper into the reasons behind our discontent and to find healthier and more constructive ways of addressing our concerns. By cultivating authenticity, confidence, purpose, optimism, compassion, feeling, curiosity, and gratitude, we can build a more harmonious and fulfilling world for ourselves and for future generations.

Compassionate and Curious Kids

Numerous studies have been done that demonstrate the positive effects of happiness and fulfillment on childhood development and growth. 

7 Reasons You are Worthy

You are amazing and worthy of every wonderful thing life has to offer. Let me tell you why seven exciting ways you are amazing!

Happy Gardening

By incorporating The Eight Pillars of Happiness into your gardening practice, you can cultivate a greater sense of fulfillment and contentment in your daily life. Grab a shovel and get started!

Happiness at Work

It's no secret that not everyone is happy at work. By practicing The Eight Pillars of Happiness, you can create a happier and more fulfilling work life for yourself and those around you.


Programs + Resources

Learn heart-powered marketing strategies and tools to create sustainable business growth while honoring your story, values and integrity. 

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