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Project More Happy's mission is to create a world that is more just, more sustainable and deeply rooted in our shared humanity. The Project: More Happy podcast is a vibrant part of this mission, where we invite visionaries to share their hopeful perspectives on what our future can hold.

The power of positivity and optimism cannot be overstated, especially in challenging times. Our podcast brings together diverse voices from around the globe to share inspiring and pragmatic visions of the future. By listening, you join a community dedicated to action and impact, helping to shape a world where everyone thrives.

What is Future Visioning?

Future Visioning is an imaginative exercise that encourages you to envision what could be possible in the next 25 years. Think back—25 years ago, smartphones, social media, and electric cars were just figments of our imagination. This exercise calls on you to be bold and dream about innovations and changes that could transform our world by 2050.

Why is Visioning Important?

The future is shaped by bold visions and the courage to pursue them. Future Visioning challenges you to look beyond today's limitations and imagine the incredible possibilities that could emerge. It’s about dreaming big and setting the stage for groundbreaking ideas and solutions.

Try It Now

Curious about how you can contribute to a brighter tomorrow? Listen to this episode of the Project: More Happy Podcast to start shaping the future you want to make a reality.

Join the Conversation

Do you have a vision for a just and sustainable world? Are you making strides towards enhancing our shared humanity? We'd love to hear about your initiatives and possibly share your story on our podcast. Dive deeper and learn more about what it means to be a guest on our show by checking out our guest info sheet here.

Ready to share your vision and experiences? Schedule a conversation and let's explore the possibilities together.

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