Are you longing for more?

More joy? More meaning? More adventure? More hope? More love?

More happiness–however that looks for you–is not only possible, it's within reach. Start designing a life you'll love today. Right here. Choose happiness. Practice happiness. Spread happiness. 

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Learn about The Eight Pillars of Happiness and how to put them into practice to design a life you'll love.

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Use this science-backed happiness journal everyday to make happiness a habit in your life.

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Work with Coach Jess to design a life built for your happiness and your dreams on your terms.

Meet Jess, The More Happy Coach.

Jessica Lyonford is a happiness expert, an advanced certified life coach, a serial entrepreneur, a student, a teacher, a parent and a partner. 

She has spent a lifetime trying to better understand happiness - why it matters, how it works and, most importantly, how to design a life for it.

She now helps others design their lives on their terms, for their happiness. As a teacher, speaker and coach, Jess is on a mission to design a happier world for all.

Jaci was seeking more clarity.

"Working with Jessica I was able to first acknowledge and then verbalize a list of all the value I bring to the table. Making this list showed me that how I show up for others is my gift, and one that I haven't been giving myself credit for. That, and learning about The Eight Pillars of Happiness were incredibly beneficial in our coaching relationship."

Chantal wanted more confidence.

"From my coaching experience with Jessica, I gained more confidence in my voice. She allowed me to realize that my unique background and experience has worth because we all live different lives. My story is different and can help others live better lives too. That switch in perspective helped me feel more comfortable speaking in public and sharing who I am."

Tara was after more job fulfillment.

"With Jessica I was able to have meaningful conversations to gain a better understanding of my criteria for a fulfilling career to pursue. She asked the tough questions and guided me in the direction of discovering for myself the answers I needed to move in the direction of a meaningful career. The ease of conversation was the most beneficial part of this partnership."

You deserve more.

More joy. More adventure. More meaning. More hope. And more love.

Book a session and let's work together to start designing a life you'll love.

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