The More Happy Blog 7 Reasons You are Worthy

7 Reasons You are Worthy


Stop right there! You, yes you, are amazing and worthy of every wonderful thing life has to offer. Let me tell you why seven exciting ways you are amazing!

You are human.

Did you know that you are 99.9% identical to every other human being on this planet? That means that if one person deserves love and respect, then so do you! You are part of a beautiful community of humans, and your worthiness is undeniable.

You are made of stardust. 

Did you know that you are made of stardust? That's right, the same material that created the stars up above is flowing through your veins! You are a literal embodiment of the wonder and beauty of the universe.

You think thoughts. 

Your thoughts are uniquely yours, and that makes you a superhero! You have a special power that nobody else can ever replicate, and that is something to be celebrated. Your thoughts are valuable and worthy of attention.

You are nature.

That's right, you are a part of the natural world that we all work so hard to protect. You are connected to every living thing on this planet, and that is something truly special.

You are alive.

You have already overcome so much in your life, and that is something to be proud of. You are here, you are breathing and you are making a difference in the world just by existing.

You are enough.

You don't need to be anything other than yourself to be worthy of love and respect. Your story, your body, and your goals are all worthy of your own grace and love.

You are loved.

You may not always feel it, but the love of the universe is all around you. Every positive action you take ripples out into the world and that love comes back to you in ways you may not even realize.

Let's celebrate your worthiness and amazingness! You are a force to be reckoned with and the world is lucky to have you. Remember, you are worthy of every good thing life has to offer.


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