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The You Boost

Let’s talk confidence, one of The Eight Pillars of Happiness. It’s something we all need. And yet it’s something none of us are taught. 

What is confidence and why does it matter?

Well, simply put confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. 

It matters because confidence is linked to:

  • Increased sense of self worth.
  • More happiness and joy in life
  • Less fear and anxiety
  • Freedom from social anxiety
  • More peace of mind and less stress
  • More energy and motivation to act.
  • Greater success.

And like all the other Eight Pillars, confidence takes practice. So while you may be confident in say, board gaming, you may need practice growing that confidence for the boardroom. Or perhaps you’re a fairly confident plant momma, you might be looking to boost that human momma confidence. 

That’s really the great thing about practicing confidence–once you know how to get results, you can focus your energy on those spaces and places n which you could really benefit from that extra boost. 

That’s what The You Boost is all about. Arming you with the “how to” for practicing confidence that you would’ve killed for in middle school–amirite?

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What do you get inside The You Boost mini course? I’m so glad you asked. 

In The You Boost mini course, you’ll put the science of happiness to work getting you to believe in the power of you no matter what. You’ll learn to lean into your happiness instead of your self-doubt in order to truly understand and appreciate all you have to offer the world. 

In The You Boost course, you'll learn:

  • The Science of Happiness and why it matters
  • How to live the Eight Pillars of Happiness
  • The power of the “You, Too” Mindset
  • Some undeniable truths that will change your perspective
  • How incredibly amazing humanity is
  • How to reframe your story using the S.T.O.R.Y. Method
  • And how to celebrate your wins with the Total Tally Daily Journal 

And if that isn’t enough, I’m throwing in a Bonus Lesson on using your power to help boost others, multiplying the happiness and confidence of our world. 

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Just because we weren’t taught confidence as kids, doesn’t mean it isn’t living inside us, ready to be drawn out and given life in our lives today. Science says it’s there. Science also says confidence is directly tied to happiness. 

So it’s a two birds, one stone situation. Only the birds are Confidence and Happiness and the stone is you living life knowing you are worthy of everything you desire. 

So let’s do this. Let’s get to work growing our confidence. 

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The You Boost

The You Boost will help you grow more confident in just three hours so that you will feel worthy of the future you desire. 

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