Speaking Engagements

Happiness Expert and Certified Happiness Coach Jessica Lyonford can help you unlock the benefits of happiness and well-being for your employees, your customers and your bottom line.

Bring Jessica in to talk to your group about the importance of practicing The Eight Pillars of Happiness at work.

The benefits of a happier workforce are clear: increased productivity, employee retention and customer satisfaction, all of which can positively impact your business bottom line.

Customer Experience

Better understand the needs and desires of your customers through the science of happiness.

The Eight Pillars of Happiness provide insights and strategies for creating positive customer experiences. I will help you identify key drivers of customer happiness and provide practical tools for improving customer satisfaction so you can create a more loyal customer base and drive business growth. 

Employee Well-Being

Create a more positive and fulfilling work environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

I will share The Eight Pillars of Happiness and how practicing them at work can have a profound impact on engagement, productivity and overall well being. Together we will work through and provide practical strategies for practicing happiness in the workplace.

Compassionate Leadership

Cultivate a work environment that embraces curiosity, authenticity, and purpose.

With The Eight Pillars of Happiness as the guide, I will share practical tools and strategies for managing stress and avoiding burnout so you can inspire your team to bring their whole selves to work, explore new ideas and achieve greater success and growth for your organization.

Team Building

Invest in your team's well-being to create a more productive and successful team

I will help facilitate team building that strengthens relationships, fosters collaboration and creates a culture of happiness. By providing unique activities and exercises rooted in The Eight Pillars of Happiness, I can help your team bond, communicate better, and learn to work together more effectively.

Speaker Topics

The Eight Pillars of Happiness: How to Build a Fulfilling Life and Career

From Burnout to Bliss: Practical Tools for Managing Stress and Finding Balance

Happiness and Creativity: Unleashing Innovation in the Workplace

Purpose-Driven Work: Finding Meaning and Fulfillment on the Job

Putting the Customer First: How Happiness Drives Loyalty and Growth

Happy Customers, Happy Business: The Impact of Happiness on Your Bottom Line

Book Jessica today.

Jessica Lyonford is a happiness consultant and coach who developed The Eight Pillars of Happiness as a system, rooted in the science of happiness, of creating sustainable happiness for yourself, your customers and your employees. She offers 1:1 coaching, workshops and speaking engagements around implementing The Eight Pillars of Happiness.

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