Speaking Engagements

Happiness Expert and Certified Happiness Coach Jessica Lyonford can help you unlock the benefits of happiness and well-being for your employees, your customers and your bottom line.

Bring Jessica in to talk to your group about the importance of practicing The Eight Pillars of Happiness at work.

The benefits of happiness are clear: enhanced well-being, deeper connections, increased creativity and improved health, all of which positively impact the way we do business.

Happiness 101

Why it Matters and How to Design for It

Learn why happiness truly matters and how to intentionally design your life for it. In this session we'll bust common happiness myths, unveil the secret to sustainable happiness and introduce The Eight Pillars of Happiness for a solid foundation in personal well-being.

Practicing Happiness

Putting Science into Action for a More Fulfilling Life

Dive deep into The Eight Pillars of Happiness and learn practical, science-backed strategies to create more joy in every aspect of your life. This session provides actionable practices to cultivate a fulfilling life, one pillar at a time.

Happiness at Work

Putting Science into Action for a More Fulfilling Work Life

Explore how The Eight Pillars of Happiness can transform your workplace into a hub of innovation and collaboration. This tailored session focuses on applying happiness principles in office settings to foster a culture of well-being, creativity and teamwork.

Designing Happier Businesses

Building Brands that Lead to Customer Happiness

Learn how to apply The Eight Pillars of Happiness in a business context to build brands that resonate deeply with customers. This session offers insights into enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall brand happiness, turning customers into passionate advocates.

Book Jessica today.

Jessica Lyonford is a happiness consultant and coach who developed The Eight Pillars of Happiness as a system, rooted in the science of happiness, of creating sustainable happiness for yourself, your customers and your employees. She offers 1:1 coaching, workshops and speaking engagements around implementing The Eight Pillars of Happiness.

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