The Power of Coaching

Whether you're feeling stuck, uninspired or simply ready to take on something new, partnering with a coach can help bring your vision of happiness to life.

Anxiety and Excitement

One of The Eight Pillars of Happiness is Feeling. Research shows that anxiety and excitement feel the same physiologically. It's how we label that physiological feeling that changes our relationship with it.

The Myth of Smartness

We are all smart. And to grow as a culture, we need to start respecting the differences in our intelligence and look to learn from one another.

5 Common Happiness Myths

There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to happiness. Here are the five most common I've heard throughout my years of happiness research. And yes, I've enlisted my favorite TV family to help break down these myths.


Programs + Resources

Learn heart-powered marketing strategies and tools to create sustainable business growth while honoring your story, values and integrity. 

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