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5 Common Happiness Myths


There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to happiness. Here are the five most common I've heard throughout my years of happiness research.

And yes, I've enlisted my favorite TV family to help break down these myths.

Happiness Myth #1: 
Happiness is something you reach. 

Happiness Myth #2: 
Happiness is a trivial pursuit. 

Happiness Myth #3: 
True happiness doesn't exist outside of Disney movies. 

Happiness Myth #4: 
Some people aren't wired to be happy. 

Happiness Myth #5: 
Money can't buy happiness. 

If these are myths, then what's the truth about happiness you ask?

Happiness Truth #1: 
Happiness is a practice. 

Happiness Truth #2: 
Happiness is incredibly important. 

Happiness Truth #3: 
True happiness exists for everyone. 

Happiness Truth #4: 
According to science, only around 40% of happiness is genetic.

Happiness Truth #5: 
Knowledge can be purchased.

To learn the deets about these happiness truths, visit this myth-busting lesson


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