Myth 4

Happiness Truth: According to science, around 40% of happiness is genetic.

Which leaves 60% in your control. 

On a hypothetical scale of not happy to happy, even if you're born with absolutely zero happiness genes, you can still achieve 60% happiness if you choose to. 

And what's absolutely amazing about that 60% is that there are proven methods for increasing happiness, making it attainable. 

Lesson Activity

Start practicing the Eight Pillars of Happiness today and make that 60% work for your happiness.

Head over to the Happiness Hub to get an overview of The Eight Pillars of Happiness or commit to learning how to practice them each and everyday in our Sustainable Happiness course. 

5 Lessons

Happiness Myths

There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to happiness. Let's learn the truth about five common happiness myths. 

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