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Magnetic Marketing Bootcamp

If you're tired of the struggle to attract customers, the never-ending content marketing grind and the weight of imposter syndrome, it's time for a new approach. And even better, what if that new approach didn't have you doing it all alone?

Welcome to the Magnetic Marketing Bootcamp, an 8-week coaching journey for ambitious entrepreneurs who crave real results and authentic growth.

Imagine building your business alongside an experienced marketer with a track record of working with beloved brands, and a serial entrepreneur who's mastered retail, design, consulting and coaching businesses – all as your personal thinking partner.

In the Magnetic Marketing Bootcamp, you won't just learn strategies; you'll receive personalized coaching sessions led by me, your heart-powered business and marketing coach and a passionate mentor who's dedicated to your success. This is your opportunity to craft a marketing strategy that's not only effective but authentically aligned with you and your business goals.

Crafting Success on Your Terms

Say goodbye to generic advice and one-size-fits-all solutions. Throughout our 8 weeks, we'll work together to define success on your terms. From honing your offers to resonate deeply with your audience, to connecting with your people in genuine ways, we're committed to creating a strategy that truly reflects you.

Here's what you can expect from your 8-week coaching journey:

Authentic Engagement: Learn how to show up genuinely and authentically to forge lasting connections with your audience.

Content that Converts: Master the art of creating content that not only resonates but also converts, leading to loyal and trusting customers.

Welcoming Invitations: Acquire strategies to genuinely invite your audience to connect with your brand, nurturing lasting customer loyalty.

Every entrepreneur's journey is unique, and I believe that together we can uncover the strategies that will set your business apart. Your passion and dedication have brought you this far and I'm thrilled to offer my expertise to help you reach your goals.

You might be wondering, why an application?

Applying allows us to dive deeper into your business's specifics and tailor our coaching sessions to your needs. Your application gives us the foundation to craft an experience that's designed with you in mind.

As soon as you submit your answers, I'll be right there, ready to review and respond. I value your time, so expect to hear from me within 24 hours on the next steps to creating authentic, sustainable growth.

Why is 1:1 coaching so beneficial? It's simple – it's all about you. Personalized guidance allows us to uncover strategies that fit your business. Here's what some past clients have to say:

🔥 "Jessica allowed me to realize that my unique background and experience has worth because we all live different lives. My story is different and can help others live better lives too." - Chantal, TX

🔥 "Working with Jessica I was able to first acknowledge and then verbalize a list of all the value I bring to the table. Making this list showed me that how I show up for others is my gift, and one that I haven't been giving myself credit for." - Jaci, CA

🔥 "Hiring Jessica was one of the best decisions I've made for my career and financial growth! After one session I successfully proposed and negotiated a work contract that was $15k more than my existing fees. This not only helped me make considerably more money, but has also empowered me to take control of my financial future." - Sierra, CA

By applying to the Magnetic Marketing Bootcamp you're taking a huge step forward in cultivating authentic, sustainable growth for your business on your own terms. Know that completing this application doesn't commit you to working with me just yet. It's a way for us to explore how I can support you best and whether we're a perfect fit.

Magnetic Marketing Bootcamp is exclusively for entrepreneurs who are committed to taking their business to the next level. Don't miss the chance to work with me to reshape your marketing strategy and transform your business.

Your success story begins here.

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