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About Jessica and Project More Happy

Jessica Lyonford is a visionary leader and advocate for transformative change, dedicated to creating a world where education, work and community life are all rooted in the science of happiness and human flourishing. As the founder of Project More Happy, she leverages her deep expertise in positive psychology, coaching and entrepreneurship to architect environments that foster individual well-being and collective harmony.

Jessica's framework of The Eight Pillars of Happiness—Confidence, Authenticity, Optimism, Compassion, Purpose, Gratitude, Feeling, and Curiosity—is at the forefront of a movement to integrate the science of flourishing into every aspect of society. These pillars are practical tools that can transform schools into hubs of creativity and compassion, workplaces into models of inclusivity and productivity and communities into vibrant centers of civic engagement and sustainability.

Her work extends beyond personal coaching to include consulting partnerships with educational leaders, community leaders and business executives, designing bespoke solutions that drive systemic change. Whether through speaking engagements, workshops or consulting, Jessica’s strategies are designed to empower every person to contribute to a world that is more just, more sustainable and more firmly rooted in our shared humanity.

Jessica's commitment to implementing the science of happiness for human flourishing is unwavering. She sees a future where every human is celebrated for the gift they are, where learning is lifelong and full of joy and where every community thrives on the principles of happiness and well-being. 

Jessica invites you to co-create a brighter, happier and more flourishing world for all.

Reach out to explore how you can partner with Project More Happy and make a meaningful impact in your world. Together we can build a future where everyone thrives.

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