Project More Happy

We envision a world that is more just, more sustainable and more firmly rooted in our shared humanity. 

The science-backed Eight Pillars of Happiness is our blueprint for making it a reality.

Designing a more just world.

In a more just world, we ensure every individual has equal access to the opportunities that enable them to thrive, dismantling barriers to equity and fostering an environment where fairness prevails in every community.

Designing a more sustainable world.

Sustainability means actively supporting our bodies and minds, our communities and our planet, ensuring a resilient future where we all thrive, aligned with the natural balance of both our species and Mother Earth.

Designing a more humane world.

To be more firmly rooted in our shared humanity, we must acknowledge our similarities and use them as the driving force when designing a world that works for everyone. We must actively work toward the same vision of a flourishing world.

The Eight Pillars of Happiness

Unlocking the Science of Well-being to Design a Brighter Future

The Eight Pillars of Happiness are Confidence, Authenticity, Optimism, Compassion, Purpose, Gratitude, Feeling and Curiosity. These pillars, rooted in the profound insights of scientific study, affirm that happiness is not just a state but a skill that can be cultivated—for ourselves, our communities and our planet.

Our dedication to teaching these pillars reflects a commitment to actively build a world that is more just, more sustainable and more humane. By learning, practicing and implementing The Eight Pillars of Happiness into the fabric of our structures and systems, we set forth on a path to a thriving world.

Each pillar is a step towards realizing a collective vision of happiness and well-being, underscoring the belief that a brighter, more harmonious future is within our reach.

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