The G.O.O.D. Morning Routine

Mornings can be hard. But once you learn to harness the morning, you'll be set to conquer the day. 

Look, we all know mornings can be a struggle. BUT, they can also be what sets us up for a happy, fulfilling day. We just have to learn how to lean into the science of happiness to get our day started right. 

And that's what The G.O.O.D. Morning Routine will do for you. For the cost of your favorite coffee shop morning brew, you can build a new morning routine that will change your outlook for the entire day. 

In this short course (15 minutes, tops!) you'll learn how to harness the happiness pillars of optimism, purpose, authenticity and curiosity to get your day started right. And you'll receive an accompany worksheet to help you track your routine until it becomes a habit. 

Oh, and unlike a cup of coffee, you won't need to repurchase this routine every day. Learn it once and use it again and again until it's your new morning happiness habit. 

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The G.O.O.D. Morning Routine

The five-minute morning routine that will get you to a happier, more fulfilling day. And for only the cost of a good cup of coffee. 

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