Are you ready to embark on a journey that leaves you feeling fulfilled, successful and empowered to make a meaningful impact?

I'm Jessica Lyonford, a certified coach, happiness expert, serial entrepreneur and lover of nature. My mission is to create a happier world for all through compassion, connection and conscious consumerism.

Happiness matters: yours, your customers and the worlds.

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Magnetic Marketing Bootcamp

Ready for personalized coaching that empowers you to market your business effectively, cultivating authentic, sustainable growth on your own terms? This bootcamp is for you.

The Grow Program

This 1:1 coaching program is for entrepreneurs wanting accountability and support to grow their business. 

52 Heart-Powered Content Prompts

These heart-powered prompts will help you generate 52 weeks of engaging content that fosters connection and cultivates trust.

Heart-Powered Marketing Community

Join a purpose-driven community committed to supporting each other, taking intentional, business-changing action and changing the world through the work we do every day.

Heart-Powered Marketing Email Newsletter

A weekly email newsletter for heart-centered entrepreneurs to stay informed and motivated on your journey to build a business with heart. 

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